Complete Doctor Who Box Set (Containing Series 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Programme) Released

Today has seen the official release of the complete Doctor Who DVD box set. The box set contains all four series of Doctor Who but does not contain any of this year's specials. The first series of Doctor Who featured Christopher Eccleston as The Ninth Doctor alongside Rose Tyler as played by Billie Piper. The second series featured David Tennant as The Tenth Doctor alongside Billie Piper's Rose Tyler. The third series then saw David Tennant's Doctor alongside new companion Martha Jones as played by Freema Agyeman. The most recent fourth series of the show starred David Tennant as The Doctor with Catherine Tate playing Donna Noble. The four series also starred Noel Clarke as Mickey Smith, John Barrowman as Jack Harkness and Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith. All fifty two episodes and three Christmas specials will be included in this DVD box set. However The Next Doctor, Planet of the Dead, Nightmares Reign and The End of Time are not included in the set. The set will be available at the recommended retail price of £89.99. You may find it cheaper depending on when and where you shop. You can purchase the set in stores across Britain and can find it online at Amazon (with packaging image) here.
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