Doctor Who Christmas Preview To Be Shown For This November's Children in Need Telethon

The BBC have recently revealed that a brand new trailer for the upcoming Christmas Doctor Who specials will be included as part of this year's Children in Need telethon. Nightmares Reign and The End of Time (titles not confirmed) are due to be shown during December, with suggestions that Nightmares Reign will air on Christmas day and The End of Time will air on New Years Eve. This year's BBC Children in Need appeal will be shown on Friday the twentieth of November at 7:00pm on BBC One and will be hosted by Terry Wogan, Tess Daly and Alesha Dixon. In 2005 the telethon included a Doctor Who special in which The Doctor had just regenerated and was a bit ... high and excitable. However the next year, 2006, we did not have anything Doctor Who related as such, but David Tennant did star alongside Catherine Tate in a funny Doctor Who related sketch. Then 2007 gave us the fantastic Time Crash in which The Doctor met his fifth incarnation and then last year we were given a preview of The Next Doctor. This year will see the first ever official trailer for this year's Doctor Who Christmas specials. This also means that The Waters of Mars must be shown before the Christmas preview on the twentieth (14th?).
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