Keep In The Halloween Spirit by Watching K-9 The Fall of The House of Gryffen Later Today

Today will see the official broadcast of The Fall of The House of Gryffen from the upcoming series of K-9 on Disney XD. Although the official K-9 series will not air until next year, Disney XD are broadcasting episode seven of the series early to promote the series and because it is Halloween. The channels official website released a preview clip from the episode online earlier this week here. Disney XD is available to all Sky users who have access to the kids package, so if you don't have this you sadly won't be able to watch the episode or the series next year. The new K-9 series is not in any way connected with Doctor Who or The Sarah Jane Adventures but the series will feature a modern K-9. K-9 is the metal dog who has starred in classic Doctor Who, Doctor Who, K-9 and Company and The Sarah Jane Adventures, with his most recent appearance being on The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith. The episode will air this evening at 6:00pm on Disney XD. Remember that this is not the first episode of the series and that the full series will air early next year. K-9 is voiced by John Leeson, who has voiced the metal dog since his first appearance in The Invisible Enemy, a story which aired in 1977 and starred 4th Doctor Tom Baker.
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