The Latest Issue of Doctor Who Adventures (Issue 139) Was Released Today Around Britain

Issue one hundred and thirty nine of Doctor Who Adventures was released around Britain today and should therefore be available at your local shop for the price of £2.10. If you subscribe to Doctor Who Adventures then the latest issue will have hopefully been delivered to you. If it has not then it will reach you soon. This week's issue of the magazine takes an in-depth look at the upcoming episode from The Sarah Jane Adventures, with a detailed look at The Doctor's return in The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith. The issue comes with a free Doctor Who pencil tin and also features a guide to the top ten gadgets in Doctor Who. There is also a new photo story as the Adipose go home and a new comic strip titled The Ghost Factory. There is also a story guide to Midnight from series four, in which The Doctor finds himself trapped on a diamond planet with a repetitive (literally) woman. The issue also comes with a selection of posters, each of which are taken from scenes in Doctor Who. All of this awaits inside Doctor Who Adventures this week. Issue one hundred and forty of Doctor Who Adventures will be released next Thursday and will contain just as much content, with another free gift. And all for just £2.10. It's a bargain!
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