GMTV Interviews Nigel Havers About His Upcoming Role in The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith

Nigel Havers recently appeared on GMTV in order to discuss his upcoming appearance in The Sarah Jane Adventures. Nigel was given the opportunity to take The Doctor's companion Sarah Jane Smith up the isle and took the offer, with the star seeming generally enthusiastic about the part. In his interview the star described the upcoming story, The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, as "really scary stuff" but was glad to be working with "the Doctor Who". Nigel even revealed that he got to touch the sacred sonic screwdriver. The interview also contained an exclusive clip from one of this weeks episodes, in which The Doctor bursts in at Sarah Jane's wedding: "We are here today to witness the marriage of Sarah Jane Smith and Peter Anthony Dalton. In each others company they have found happiness, fulfillment and love. And they wish to affirm their relationship with this marriage. Now I have to ask this question (TARDIS engine). If any person can show just cause or impediment why they may not be joined together then speak now or forever hold their peace." The Doctor bursts in: "Stop this wedding now!" Catch the episodes on Thursday and Friday at 4:35pm on BBC One and BBC HD. Watch the interview here.
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