The Latest Issue of Doctor Who Adventures (Issue 140) Was Released Today Around Britain

Issue one hundred and forty of Doctor Who Adventures was released around Britain today and should therefore be available at your local shop for the price of £2.10. If you subscribe to Doctor Who Adventures then the latest issue will have hopefully been delivered to you. If it has not then it will reach you soon. This week's issue of the magazine takes an in-depth look at monsters in Doctor Who which have the ability to fly. From Reapers to Toclafane you'll find everything you need to know about flying monsters in Doctor Who Adventures. The issue comes with three free sheets of Doctor Who related stickers and also features a new story guide which focuses on an explosive Cyberman clash. There is also a quiz on K-9 to see how much you know about everybody's favourite tin dog. There is also a detailed guide to The Fifth Doctor, who was played by Peter Davison and is remembered for his cricket, his vegetable clothing and his relation to the current Doctor. The issue also contains a brand new comic strip, the chance to win The Day of the Troll and much more content. All of this awaits inside Doctor Who Adventures this week. Issue one hundred and forty one of Doctor Who Adventures available on Thursday.
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