Doctor Who Celebrates 46 Years of Being Britain's Number One Science Fiction Programme..

..(Supplying Britain with The Doctor, the TARDIS and the Daleks since 1963.) Today, Monday the twenty third of November 2009, is an important day in the Doctor Who calendar because on this day forty six years ago Doctor Who hit BBC1 for the first time. At 5:15pm on that day BBC1 launched Doctor Who, with the first episode 'An Unearthly Child', which starred William Hartnell as The First Doctor. Since then we have been treated to exactly forty six years of time and space. Over the past years we have had ten Doctors, forty one companions and two hundred and one official stories (which is seven hundred and fifty four separate episodes). To celebrate ten years the BBC commissioned a special story titled 'The Three Doctors', which saw the first three Doctors come together to fight Omega. Then to celebrate twenty years 'The Five Doctors' was shown, a story which saw the first five Doctors meet for the first time. It is suspected that something even more epic will take place when the programme reaches it's fiftieth anniversary. Doctor Who Mad Online would like to congratulate the people who have worked with the programme for this achievement. To celebrate, if you have it, why don't you watch An Unearthly Child.
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