A Doctor Who Christmas Special Trailer Shown Before Closing Credits of The Waters of Mars

Earlier this evening fans were treated to the broadcast of The Waters of Mars on BBC One and BBC HD. For those of you who saw it you will have been aware that a brand new trailer for the upcoming Christmas special was shown at the end of the story. The trailer features brand new clips of The Doctor, Wilfred Mott, Donna Noble, Lucy Saxon (if Saxon is her real name), a new-look Ood and of course The Master himself. The trailer proves that the remaining two specials, which will see the death of The Tenth Doctor, are going to be epic and above all, as The Ninth Doctor would say, 'fantastic'. The trailer is about forty seconds in running time and can be watched on the official Doctor Who website here. It is not yet known what the title for the Christmas special will be, however Russell T Davies did recently confirm that the title would be six words long. The Christmas day special will be part one of a two part story, with part two (suspected to be The End of Time) on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day (most likely New Year's Day). Cloister bell sounds (the end of the universe). "No" .... Coming this Christmas! Another preview of the Christmas special shall be shown this Friday as part of BBC One's Children in Need telethon.
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