Doctor Who The Key to Time Set (Complete Season 16) Released Across Britain for £69.99

Today has seen the official release of a brand new classic Doctor Who DVD box set. The set is of The Key to Time, which made up the whole sixteenth season of the programme. The Key to Time starred Tom Baker as The Fourth Doctor alongside Mary Tamm as the first Romana. The season is based around The Doctor and Romana searching the universe for the key to time to give to the White Guardian so that the Black Guardian does not get his hands on it. This is just like The Infinite Quest (animated series) which saw The Doctor and Martha search for datachips so that Balthazar could not lay his hands on The Infinite. The Key to Time DVD consists of the following stories, each in separate parts; The Ribos Operation, The Pirate Planet, The Stones of Blood, The Androids of Tara, The Power of Kroll and The Armageddon Factor. The DVD box set of The Key to Time has been released before now but was a limited edition release. The new set does not include any new special features, but instead includes all the features from the previous limited edition Key to Time box set. The Key to Time DVD set is now available across Britain with a retail price of £69.99. It might cost less depending on when and where it is purchased.
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