Doctor Who Magazine's Editor Reveals That The Magazine Shall Be Raised In Price To £4.20

The official editor of Doctor Who Magazine, Tom Spilsbury, has today confirmed that issue four hundred and fifteen of the magazine, which was released yesterday, will be the last to cost £3.99, with the magazine set to raise its price. Tom confirmed that Doctor Who Magazine will be raised from £3.99 to £4.20 as of issue four hundred and eighteen. Between four hundred and fifteen and four hundred and eighteen there are obviously two other issues. They will both be bumper editions, containing eighty four pages of content. Each of them will cost £4.99, and then £4.20 from then on. On the Letter from the Editor page Tom said: "Finally, I have to make an announcement: after an unfrequented five years at the same price, I’m sorry to say that this is the last issue of DWM costing £3.99. The next two issues will be bumper 84-page editions at £4.99 each, after which we’ll move to a new regular price of £4.20." The current issue of Doctor Who Magazine takes an in-depth look at The Waters of Mars and is now available for £3.99 around Britain. Next month's magazine will be released on the tenth of December for £4.99. Doctor Who Magazine's (then Doctor Who Weekly)'s first issue (pictured) was released for just 12p.
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