The Latest Issue of Doctor Who Adventures (Issue 142) Was Released Today Around Britain

Issue one hundred and forty two of Doctor Who Adventures was released around Britain today and should therefore be available at your local shop for the price of £2.10. If you subscribe to Doctor Who Adventures then the latest issue will have hopefully been delivered to you. If it has not then it will reach you soon. This week's issue of the magazine takes an in-depth look at The Waters of Mars, which obviously aired on Sunday. The issue contains information about the episode, the planet itself and a checklist of things that you should take if ever The Doctor took you there. The issue comes with a free notebook and pencil and also looks at The Doctor's latest companion Adelaide Brook. The issue also sees how much of The Waters of Mars you took in with an exclusive quiz there is part one of a life-size poster. The magazine also looks at the top ten Doctor Who water moments and offers you the chance to win a selection of goodies. There are also three pull-out posters of Erasmus Darkening, The Doctor and the Flood and a Dalek. All of this awaits inside Doctor Who Adventures this week. Issue one hundred and forty three of Doctor Who Adventures will be released in shops next Thursday. It will again be sold in your local store.
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