Doctor Who Magazine's Latest Issue Has News On December's Specials and Children in Need

Issue four hundred and fifteen of Doctor Who Magazine, which was released on Thursday, confirms that this year's Christmas special has a title made up of six words. Just a few days ago there were many ideas regarding the titles for the two December episodes. Some thought the Christmas special (part one of this epic two part story) would be called The End of Time Part I and that the New Years Eve/Day episode (part two of this two part story) would be titled The End of Time Part II. Even before this it was thought that the Christmas special would be called Nightmares Reign, but now we know that it can be none of these as the title contains six words (the longest title of the new series'). Please note that the New Year's Eve/Day episode is definitely titled The End of Time. But what is the six part story called? It is thought that it will be revealed in the special clip on Friday as part of BBC's Children in Need night. Whilst on the topic of Children in Need it has also been confirmed that the preview will be of the Christmas special, not The End of Time, and that it will be a preview of the fourth and fifth scenes. For all of this information and more remember to collect the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine now, released at £3.99.
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