The Latest Issue of Doctor Who Magazine (Issue 415) Released Today By Panini Magazines

Issue four hundred and fifteen of Doctor Who Magazine was released around Britain today and should therefore be available at your local shop for the price of £3.99. If you subscribe to Doctor Who Magazine then the latest issue shall have hopefully been delivered to you. If it has not then it shall reach you soon. This week's issue of the magazine takes an in-depth look at The Waters of Mars, which will air this Sunday night at 7:00pm. The magazine also speaks exclusively to David Tennant and Lindsay Duncan, who will play The Doctor and Adelaide in The Waters of Mars. The issue also includes the second part of a Doctor Who Magazine exclusive comic strip, The Northern Line. The Watcher's Guide takes a look at The Ninth Doctor, who was portrayed by Christopher Eccleston during 2005's first series. As well as an interview with David Tennant, Doctor Who Magazine interviews another Doctor, The Sixth Doctor that is. Yes, Colin Baker chats with Doctor Who Magazine! All of this and more awaits inside Doctor Who Adventures this month. Issue four hundred and sixteen of Doctor Who Magazine shall be released next month. It is thought that the upcoming December issue shall be a bumper Christmas special.
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