MSN Player Offers Classic Doctor Who Twice A Week (The Web Planet Is Already Available)

MSN have recently placed a brand new Doctor Who video player, on their official website, which over time will contain various different episodes from the classic series of the show. There is currently only one story available to watch and that is The Web Planet. The Web Planet was originally shown in six parts from February 13th to March 20th 1965. The six part story starred William Hartnell as The First Doctor alongside Jacqueline Hill, William Russell and Maureen O'Brien as Barbara Wright, Ian Chesterton and Vicki. The story was written by Bill Strutton, directed by Richard Martin and produced by Verity Lambert. Each episode is around twenty five minutes in length and can be watched in full for free here. From the 10th of November a new episode from Doctor Who will be added to the player every Tuesday and Thursday. This is a great feature and is great for fans of the classic series. For those of you who haven't seen the classic series of the programme I recommend you watch it as it shows you how the programme came about and how it became what it is today. Remember that a new episode will be added on Tuesday, then another on Thursday and so on and so forth. It is not known how long this will go on for.
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