Part 4 of Dreamland To Be Made Available On the Doctor Who Website and Red Button Today

Today will see the fourth part of Dreamland air on BBCi and online. The new series consists of six episodes and continues today with the fourth. The synopsis for part four reads: 'Captured by the US Army, Rivesh is finally reunited with his wife, Saruba Velak. Meanwhile, the Doctor discovers the unsettling truth about his real identity.' The fourth installment of Dreamland will be available from 4:00pm today. You will be able to access it at this time in two ways. You can either visit the official Doctor Who site here or press your red button whilst on BBC One. It will also be added to BBC iPlayer some time after 4:00pm here. Please be aware that, on the red button, Dreamland is played on a loop. Therefore you will have to wait for the six minute episode to start from the beginning. Before 4:00pm you should be able to access part three by pressing your red button and selecting Dreamland. Dreamland is available on the following platforms: Sky, Virgin and Freeview. Part five will broadcast tomorrow. Dreamland will also be shown as a full forty five minute story on the fifth of December at 10:00am on BBC Two. The story shall also be sold on DVD (and Blu-ray?) in early 2010, according to various online sources.
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