Part 2 of Dreamland To Be Made Available On the Doctor Who Website and Red Button Today

Today will see the second part of the new animated Dreamland series, starring David Tennant and Georgia Moffett, air on the BBC Red Button and online. The new series consists of six episodes and continues today. The synopsis for part two reads: Seeking refuge in the abandoned town of Solitude, Jimmy stumbles across a disconcerting discovery and the trio encounter Viperox royalty. According to BBCi the second installment of Dreamland will air from 5:15pm today. To access it you can simply press your red button whilst on BBC One and select Doctor Who. Dreamland is on a loop so you will have to wait for the episode to start from the beginning. Before the second installment airs from 5:15pm you should be able to access the first part of the series. So if you haven't already seen part one press your red button now, as long as it's earlier that 5:15pm. It will also be shown on Sky and Virgin, but not Freesat. The BBC Doctor Who website will also add part two to their website at 4:00pm today. The episode will also, later, be added to BBC iPlayer here. Part three of this series will be available tomorrow. Dreamland will air as a complete forty five minute story on the fifth of December on BBC Two at 10:00am.
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