The Sarah Jane Adventures Mona Lisa's Revenge Part Two Broadcasts Later Today at 16:35

The third series of The Sarah Jane Adventures will continue today with the second part of Mona Lisa's Revenge. The synopsis for today's episode reads: SLuke and Rani investigate the myth of the dreaded abomination, as the two-part drama concludes. With Sarah Jane trapped and beyond help, everything now depends upon Clyde. Mona Lisa vows to release her terrifying brother from his age-old prison, but only Clyde has the key. Mona Lisa's Revenge features Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith alongside Thomas Knight as Luke Smith, Daniel Anthony as Clyde Langer and Anjli Mohindra as Rani Chandra. Mona Lisa is played by Suranne Jones and K-9 (as voiced by John Leeson) will feature in today's part. Part two of Mona Lisa's Revenge will air today, Friday the thirteenth of November, at 4:35pm on BBC One. It will also air in higher definition on BBC HD at the same time. The third series of The Sarah Jane Adventures will then continue with next Thursday and Friday with The Gift. The Gift is the final story and features the return of the Slitheen and their Blathereen cousins. It shall star Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith. It shall also star Thomas Knight, Daniel Anthony and Anjli Mohindra.
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