Upcoming Doctor Who Confidential Title, Date, Time and Channels Have Now Been Revealed

It has been confirmed, as expected, that a brand new episode of Doctor Who Confidential will air after The Waters of Mars makes it's debut on Sunday evening. The episode is titled Is There Life on Mars? and will air on BBC Three after BBC One show The Waters of Mars at 7:00pm. The official Radio Times website describes the episode as a 'behind-the-scenes look at Doctor Who. It is the beginning of the end for David Tennant's Doctor, and Confidential is on a mission to Mars to capture the strange goings on in Bowie base one. The programme goes behind the mask of the monsters as the waters rise, causing the production team all sorts of problems. There are explosions, robots and gallons of water as the Doctor meets one of his heroes and battles against his greatest ever foe - time itself.' Is There Life on Mars? will air on Sunday the 15th of November at 8:00pm on BBC Three and for the first time ever it will also air on BBC HD. It will run until 9:00pm. Remember that The Waters of Mars airs before it at 7:00pm on BBC One and BBC HD. Please be aware that this applies to people living in Britain only. Doctor Who Confidential has been a behind the scenes programme since the show was brought back.
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