The Latest Issue of Doctor Who Adventures (Issue 144) Was Released Today Around Britain

Issue one hundred and forty four of Doctor Who Adventures was released around Britain today and should therefore be available at your local shop for the price of £2.10. If you subscribe to Doctor Who Adventures then the latest issue will have hopefully been delivered to you. If it has not then it will reach you soon. As The Tenth Doctor's time draws to an end Doctor Who Adventures answers some important questions. Who will knock four times? What is the Gate? Where is the TARDIS going next ? And why did The Doctor see Ood Sigma and how can The Master be alive again? All the secrets and clues are revealed in this week's issue. The issue comes with a free Doctor Who gift and a set of Waters of Mars stickers and contains a top ten guide to the best bits from this year's Sarah Jane Adventures series - from K-9 to The Doctor himself. The issue also contains information about The Ninth Doctor and the Daleks. There are also three pull-out posters of Love and Monsters, Martha and the Hath and The Doctor in Dreamland. All of this awaits inside Doctor Who Adventures this week. Issue one hundred and forty five of Doctor Who Adventures will be made available in shops next Thursday, the tenth.
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