The Latest Issue of The Doctor Who DVD Files (Issue 24) Was Released Today By G.E.Fabbri

Issue twenty four of the Doctor Who DVD Files was released around Britain today and should therefore be available at your local shop for the price of £6.99. If you subscribe then the issue should have reached you. If it has not it should be sent soon. This week's issue of the magazine takes an in-depth look at The Poison Sky and The Doctor's Daughter, with these two episodes included on the free DVD. The issue also takes a look at the departure of companion Leela, who travelled with The Fourth Doctor for two years, and takes a look at U.N.I.T's valiant ship, which was home to The Master for his reigning year. The issue also looks at two of The Doctor's oldest foes - the Sontarans and the Sea Devils, both of which first appeared with Jon Pertwee. The issue also takes a look at Martha and focuses on The Doctor's daughter Jenny, who was played in the story by Georgia Moffett (the real life child of Fifth Doctor Peter Davison). All this awaits inside the Doctor Who DVD Files. Issue twenty five of Doctor Who DVD Files will be released in two weeks time and will focus on the next two episodes from series four - The Unicorn and the Wasp and Silence in the Library. Issue twenty five includes a DVD which will contain both episodes.
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