The Official BBC Doctor Who Website Has Today Opened Its 2nd Advent(ure) Calendar Door

The official BBC Doctor Who website launched its 2009 Advent(ure) Calendar yesterday and today has seen the second of the twenty five doors open. Yesterday's door offered an exclusive game, whereas today's door offers three exclusive Doctor Who Christmas cards with the first being a design of The Doctor, the second the TARDIS and the third being a group of classic series Cybermen. Each of the three cards include a picture related to Christmas in some way, whether it be The Doctor, the TARDIS or the Cybermen in the snow, a page which reads Merry Christmas and a page which says that Doctor Who will return in The End of Time, Part One. The cards also stress that any of the three designs may not be resold or reproduced. Never-the-less you can print off and hand out the cards, with the chance to write on the black page provided. You can visit door two here, the main Adventure Calendar page here or download each of the cards here, here and here. The third door will of course open at some point tomorrow and will contain another exclusive item, whether it be new pictures, a new game, a quiz or even a new End of Time trailer. Please remember that a calendar door will open every day until Christmas.
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