The Official BBC Doctor Who Website Has Today Opened Its 1st Advent(ure) Calendar Door

Today has seen the official launch of the official Doctor Who website's Advent(ure) Calendar, after fans demanded its return. The official Doctor Who Advent Calendar is back and will each day give away exclusive pictures, games, secrets and other content, preparing fans for The End of Time Part One, which is set to air in Britain on Christmas day. The calendar is available to everyone in the United Kingdom and Ireland and will run until the twenty fifth of December, or so we presume. Today's advent door contains an exclusive game called Doctor in the House. The official website says: 'Remember the moments in Tooth and Claw where Rose was trying to cajole Queen Victoria into saying 'We are not amused'? Or in The Shakespeare Code where the Doctor was cheekily slipping the Bard's own lines into conversations with him? Well, here's a similar game where you have to sneakily use as many quotations from the Doctor as possible. Use the guile of a Time Lord to win big points!' You can visit door one here, the main Adventure Calendar page here or download the game instructions as a pdf file here. The second calendar door will open at some point tomorrow and will contain yet another exclusive feature.
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