2009 Has Been A Very Eventful Year and BBC HD Has A Whole Afternoon of Doctor No. Ten

Today is the final day! The day in which The Tenth Doctor leaves the TARDIS has finally arrived - get the tissues at the ready! And to celebrate the year gone by the BBC HD channel will be showing The Doctor's adventures from the past year. The Tenth Doctor afternoon, with high quality picture and sound, will begin at 1:40pm today with The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith. The episode is taken from the third series of The Sarah Jane Adventures and stars Elisabeth Sladen in the lead role as Sarah Jane Smith. The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith will be followed by the first Doctor Who special of 2009, Planet of the Dead, at 2:35pm. Planet of the Dead stars Michelle Ryan as Lady Christina and shall be followed by it's accompanying episode of Doctor Who Confidential: Desert Storm. Then the channel will be showing The Waters of Mars, guest featuring Lindsay Duncan, at 4:35pm. The End of Time, Part One will then broadcast straight after at 5:40pm. This will then lead into the broadcast of The End of Time, Part Two at 6:40pm. The End of Time, Part Two will also air simultaneously on BBC One. The second part of The End of Time will see The Tenth Doctor's song come to an end and as Carmen warned - "He will knock four times!"
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