Classic Doctor Who: Wave Two Figures Released

Today has seen the official release of the second wave of Classic Doctor Who figures around the United Kingdom and Ireland. The new wave has been released by Character Options and are part of the 5" Doctor Who figure range. The six new figures follow on from the first wave of Classic Doctor Who figures which consisted of The Fourth Doctor, The Fifth Doctor, The Sixth Doctor, a Sea Devil, Voc Robot D84, Voc Robot SV7, a Zygon and a 2-pack with Magnus Greel and Mr Sin. Each of the first wave figures are still available to purchase in stores across the United Kingdom and Ireland, each sold with a price of around £8.99.

The new second wave of Classic Doctor Who action figures consists of the Morbius Creature from The Brain of Morbius, a Cyberman from Earthshock, an Ice Warrior from The Ice Warriors, The Seeds of Death, The Curse of Peladon and The Monster of Peladon, The Master from The Keeper of Traken, a Voc Robot from The Robots of Death and a Mummy from Pyramids of Mars.

The second wave of Classic Doctor Who figures are now available across the United Kingdom and Ireland at the price of £8.99. Character Options also confirmed recently that they will release four new figures from The End of Time on January thirty first, but it would seem that the two Doctors are already available. The Master and the President of Gallifrey are expected within the next few weeks.

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