Doctor Who Adventures Issue 150 Released

Today, Thursday the twenty first of January, has seen the official release of issue one hundred and fifty of Doctor Who Adventures. The issue was released today around most of the United Kingdom and Ireland for the price of £2.10. If you subscribe to the magazine then the issue should have reached you by post today, if not before. The magazine comes with some fantastic free Mars slime. The magazine is this week celebrating an important occasion with one hundred and fifty amazing facts about monsters from the show, having released one hundred and fifty issues of the magazine since issue one was released in 2006.

The press release for issue one hundred and fifty of Doctor Who Adventures follows:

To celebrate 150 issues, Doctor Who Adventures unearths 150 of the best facts about the most horrible creatures in the universe.

There are tonnes of facts about all the old favourites – everything from Daleks and Cybermen data to info about creatures seen in the last Doctor Who special.

There’s an amazing subscription offer – subscribe today and save a fantastic 30%, PLUS get a FREE Sarah Jane Adventures CD as a welcome gift.

The issue comes with the yuckiest and stickiest gift ever – Mars slime.

All this, and...
o Doctor vs Master photo story
o Three fantastic posters
o The chance to win Doctor Who goodies

The latest issue is now available for £2.10 at your local stockist. The next issue of Doctor Who Adventures, issue one hundred and fifty one, will be released next Thursday, the twenty eighth of January, and will come with a free TARDIS money box. The issue will take an in-depth look at the Time Lords.

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