Doctor Who DVD Files to Release Classic Episodes

It has recently been confirmed that Doctor Who DVD Files will continue its DVD series with a selection of episodes from the classic series. The magazine series was originally meant to give away free episodes from Rose to The Next Doctor, but now the magazine has permission to release several classic episodes of Doctor Who. From the twenty ninth issue of DVD Files, the magazine will come with a free classic story with the final classic story being released with issue forty. The future of the magazine after issue forty is currently unknown. Will it finish, give away more classic stories or give away the 2009 and 2010 specials?

So, issue twenty nine will come with Remembrance of the Daleks, whilst issue thirty comes with The Three Doctors. Issue thirty one will come with Genesis of the Daleks with issue thirty two giving away a free copy of Earthshock. Issue thirty three will come with Pyramids of Mars. Issue thirty four comes with Ressurection of the Daleks and issue thirty five comes with Spearhead from Space. Issue thirty six will come with The Caves of Androzani. Issue thirty seven will come with City of Death, whilst issue thirty eight comes with Revelation of the Daleks. Issue thirty nine comes with The Brain of Morbius. Finally, issue forty comes with The Curse of Fenric.

Issue twenty eight of Doctor Who DVD Files is available tomorrow for £6.99 in stores across the United Kingdom and Ireland. It will be the last new series issue for the time being and will focus on Journey's End and The Next Doctor. It will come with a free DVD of these episodes. The magazine is released on a fortnightly basis with an issue being released every other Wednesday.

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