Doctor Who The End of Time 5" Figures Set For Release

It has recently been confirmed that January thirty first will see Character Options release some brand new Doctor Who figures. The four new figures will be part of the 5" figure range. Two of the figures will be new designs whilst the other two are remakes of previous characters. Character Options have released Doctor Who figures since the show was brought back in 2005 and have been responsible for the more recent Time Squad figures. The four new figures are from The End of Time, which aired on Christmas Day last year. The new figures will be on sale at the end of the month. Read on for more details and an image.

All four of the figures are from The End of Time with the figures being designed around The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant), The Master (John Simm) and the latest Time Lord President (Timothy Dalton). And that's not all! On the same day the company will also release the first ever figure of The Eleventh Doctor in The Tenth Doctor's clothes, as he is just after his regeneration.

The End of Time figures will all be released on the thirty first of January at the recommended retail price of £8.99 each. Older figures are still available in stores across the United Kingdom and Ireland and figures from the upcoming fifth series of the show are expected later in the year.

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