Doctor Who: The End of Time, Part Two and Doctor Who Confidential: Alons-y Both Air Today

After a truly epic episode of Doctor Who last Friday (Christmas Day) The End of Time will conclude tonight with the second part of this final story for The Tenth Doctor. The episode will be the last to star David Tennant in the lead role with the much anticipated regeneration taking place during tonight's episode. Last week's story saw The Master turned himself into everyone and saw the exciting return of the Time Lords. Tonight's episode will see The Doctor face the end of his life as The Master's plans hurtle out of control. Sacrifices must be made, and the deadly profit warns: "He will knock four times." The episode will be The Tenth Doctor's last, with the role being taken over by Matt Smith for a fifth series later this year. The End of Time, Part Two will broadcast this evening on BBC One from 6:40pm, running until 7:55pm. It will be followed by an hour long episode of Doctor Who Confidential from 7:55pm to 8:55pm. The behind-the-scenes show is titled Alons-y and it will air on BBC Three. Both Doctor Who and Doctor Who Confidential will also air, at the same times, on BBC HD for a higher quality experience. The episode, because it is Tennant's last, hopes to achieve a record breaking rating, as I should think it will do.
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