Doctor Who Game in Development?

According to a recent report, the BBC are currently developing a range of brand new games based around some of their shows, and Doctor Who could be one of them. The report claims that the BBC are working on developing new games for various platforms, with the DS, Wii, iPhone and Facebook being suggested as platforms for the games. It has been stated that the BBC have appointed former EA and Yahoo executive Robert Nashak to be in charge of the BBC multimedia experience. The BBC hope to turn Doctor Who, Top Gear, In The Night Garden and many, many more BBC programmes into games for all types of audiences.

"We’ve been reactive to the market in the last few years," the head of BBC Worldwide’s multimedia development, Dave Anderson, said. "There were a few opportunistic licensing deals, but we were largely aggregating and holding on to our properties to wait and see how the market developed."

It has been confirmed that more information regarding the BBC's upcoming multimedia plans will be revealed soon. A Doctor Who related Top Trumps game has been released before on the PlayStation 2, DS and the Wii. It is still available across the United Kingdom and Ireland, but isn't widely distributed.
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