Doctor Who Mad Online Website Update #1

New year, new month! We might nearly be half way through it but what does January have in store for Doctor Who Mad Online? To kick off this post I am going to tell you about the new 'read more' system on the site. As you can see underneath this paragraph there is the option to read more. When you come to the end of the paragraph you select the read more option and it will bring up the full post, which now features paragraphs. If a promotional picture, cover or trailer ties in with the post they will also be included at the bottom of the full post. To demonstrate select the read more option to continue reading this post.

As you can see you now have a page with the full post. This system also allows me to post any synopsis, lists or press releases which are relevant to the post and lets you focus on the posts which you want to read. Hopefully this news system will allow me to update more frequently and post about things other than just the show (ie.cast appearances or things which have happened in the past that you may have missed).

I have also decided to have some days/weeks devoted to certain characters or enemies from the series. For example from tomorrow, Monday, Rose Tyler week kicks off here at Doctor Who Mad Online. We will be looking at some of Rose's best and worst highlights from her time with The Doctor and will be posting something new every day this week until Friday. The posts will include videos, pictures and more. During special weeks normal posts will continue as usual.

For all the latest stick with the one, the only and the best: Doctor Who Mad Online...
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