The Latest Issue of Doctor Who Adventures (Issue 148) Was Released Today Across Britain

Today, Thursday the seventh of January, has seen the release of the latest issue of Doctor Who Adventures. This means that issue one hundred and forty eight is now available to purchase at your local supplier for the regular price of £2.10. If you subscribe to the magazine then your copy of this issue should be sent to you today. Issue one hundred and forty eight of Doctor Who Adventures says goodbye to The Tenth Doctor and hello to The Eleventh Doctor, with an in-depth look at the incredible, but sad, regeneration. This issue comes with free stickers of The End of Time and also finds out what it takes to be the biggest and baddest monster on Doctor Who. There is also a fact file on what we will miss about The Tenth Doctor and a look at the top ten exits, whether it be a companion who has left or a Doctor. There is also an amazing poster from The End of Time and secrets from the new series. The issue will also feature competitions, a brand new comic strip and puzzles to keep you busy. The next issue of Doctor Who Adventures will be released on Thursday the fourteenth of January around the United Kingdom and Ireland, and will be available for the price of £2.10. You can view the official cover for this issue here.
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