Official Ratings for Doctor Who The End of Time Part One

BARB (Broadcasters' Audience Research Board) have recently released the official ratings for Doctor Who The End of Time Part One. The End of Time Part One was shown on BBC One and BBC HD on Christmas Day and saw The Doctor on his final journey as his nemesis The Master returns. With both determined to cheat death, the battle went from wastelands in London to the Immortality Gate. But the Ood warn of an even greater danger, as a terrible shadow fell across the entire universe. An incredible amount of you people tuned in to watch part one of this fantastic story, but exactly how many tuned in for the end of time itself?

Unofficial overnight ratings for The End of Time Part One were released on Boxing Day and they suggested that the episode was watched by 10 million people on BBC One with an additional 340,000 choosing to watch it on BBC HD. But now it has been confirmed that the episode was in fact watched by an incredible 12.04 million people, with 470,000 of these watching on BBC HD. This is the third highest rating for the programme since it returned in 2005, being beaten only by Voyage of the Damned and The Next Doctor. The official ratings for The End of Time Part Two will be released soon.

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