Over 10 Million People Tune In To Bid Farewell - The End of Time Part Two Unofficial Ratings

Overnight ratings reveal that David Tennant's final episode of Doctor Who, The End of Time Part Two, had an unofficial audience of 10.4 million viewers. This figure made Doctor Who the second most watched programme of the day, having had 35.5% of yesterday's TV share. This rose to 36% (10.85 million) in the last twenty five minutes as The Doctor revisited old friends and regenerated into new Doctor Matt Smith. Doctor Who was beaten only by the second part of Eastenders, which managed to achieve a figure of 11.86 million. 389,000 watched the broadcast of Doctor Who on the BBC HD channel. Meanwhile over on BBC Three, Doctor Who Confidential: Allons-y was watched by 1.1 million viewers. Please be aware that these ratings are unofficial and are likely to change when the official figures are released. It would seem that David Tennant left on a high with an incredible amount of people tuning in to see him tackle The Master and the Time Lords, with even more tuning in to watch him regenerate into new Doctor, Matt Smith. This has certainly been the most watched of the ten regenerations in Doctor Who history. I'll post the official BARB viewing figures for this episode as soon as they become available online.
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