Rose Tyler Week: Day Five - Greatest Scene #1

January eleventh to Sunday seventeenth is Rose Tyler week here at Doctor Who Mad Online. On Monday we had five of Rose Tyler's best quotes for you, whilst on Tuesday we had all the hints of her return during series four. Meanwhile on Wednesday we kicked off our three days of greatest scenes, with our third favourite Rose Tyler scene. Yesterday we revealed our second favourite scene, which was the scene in which Rose and The Doctor were separated. Continuing the greatest scenes, we have our number one favourite Rose Tyler scene from her time on the show. Remember, visit tomorrow for Rose Tyler Week: Day Six.

Rose Tyler traveled around time and space with The Ninth and The Tenth Doctors for two whole series, until she left during Doomsday. Then she returned as the walls of the universe began to collapse. She had returned to find the love of her life, The Doctor. And she found him! The scene which has been named Doctor Who Mad Online's all time favourite scene. I struggled to decided which scene deserves the number one spot, initially thinking that the Doomsday scene deserved it. But I then remembered a scene which just betters it. And that scene is the reunion scene when Rose Tyler finds The Doctor again during The Stolen Earth. The scene sees The Doctor and Rose running for each other, after not seeing each other for a long time, when The Doctor is exterminated by a Dalek. Rose holds him in her arms and says "I missed you!" The scene is fantastic as it really shows how good the two were together and how much they wanted one another back, but at the same time you realised that they had slowly grown apart. The scene is part of The Stolen Earth and appears near the end. To watch the scene search YouTube or watch it on DVD.


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