Rose Tyler Week: Day One - Top Five Quotes from Doctor Who

Rose Tyler week has officially kicked off here at Doctor Who Mad Online. I have decided to dedicate this week to the extra special lady from a council estate in London - none other than our very own Rose Tyler, as portrayed beautifully by British sensation Billie Piper. From shop girl to time traveler Rose captured the hearts of millions for her wit, good looks and connection with The Doctor, both of them in fact. We have a whole seven days of Rose Tyler goodness coming your way so be sure to check back every day until Sunday. Today we will be looking at Rose Tyler's top five quotes from her time on the programme. So, read on!

Number 5 (From New Earth):
Cassandra (in Rose's body): "Look at me. From class to brass. Although... Ooh. Curves. Oh baby! It's like living inside a bouncy castle.

Number 4 (From Rose):
Rose Tyler: "If you are an
alien how come you sound like you're from the North?"
The Doctor: "Lots of planets have a north!"

Number 3: (From Doomsday)
Rose Tyler: "Your the bravest person I know."
Mickey Smith: "What about The Doctor?"
Rose Tyler: "Ok then...the bravest human."

Number 2 (From The Doctor Dances):
Rose: "Okay, so he's vanished into thin air. Why is it always the great looking ones who do that?"

The Doctor: "I'm making an effort not to be insulted."
Rose Tyler: "I"
The Doctor: "Okay, thanks, that really helps!"

Number 1 (From Doomsday):
Rose Tyler: "I...I love you."
The Doctor: "Quite right too. And I suppose...if it's my last chance to say it... Rose Tyler..."


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