Rose Tyler Week: Day Three - Greatest Scene #3

January eleventh to Sunday seventeenth is Rose Tyler week here at Doctor Who Mad Online. On Monday we had five of Rose Tyler's best quotes for you, whilst yesterday we had the various hints that she would return during series four. For the next three days we will be looking at three of Rose Tyler's greatest scenes. She of course had many iconic scenes during her time on the show, but which three have appealed most to Doctor Who fans. I have come up with three of my favourite Rose Tyler scenes and have my third favourite for you today. Remember to visit tomorrow to find out which scene has been named runner-up.

Rose Tyler travelled around time and space with The Ninth and The Tenth Doctors for two whole series, until she left during Doomsday. Then she returned as the walls of the universe began to collapse. She had returned to find the love of her life, The Doctor. And she found him! The scene which has made it to number three is the second goodbye scene in which The Doctor leaves Rose a copy of himself. After committing genocide The Doctor feels that The Other Doctor needs someone to make him better and puts Rose in charge of his other self. A Doctor with only one heart - one life in one strong relationship. We believe that Rose and The Other Doctor became an item on the parallel world, after he whispered the words "I love you" in her ear.

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