Rose Tyler Week: Day Two - Hints at Rose Tyler's Return

Rose Tyler week officially kicked off yesterday at Doctor Who Mad Online with five of our favourite Rose related quotes from Doctor Who. This week, from today until Sunday, is dedicated to the one and only Rose Tyler, who has captured the hearts of millions since 2005. Today we look at Rose Tyler's return. Throughout series four we were given some hints about her return, but did you spot them all? In case you didn't we'll be looking at the seven hints at Rose's return. Rose eventually returned to the show for the final three episodes of series four. These episodes were Turn Left, The Stolen Earth and Journey's End.

1st Hint:
We first realised that Rose would return to the show in Partners in Crime when Donna Noble asked a blonde-haired woman to tell her mother that she left her car keys in "that bin there". Unaware to Donna the women turned out to be Rose herself. As she walked off, she faded. We knew we would see her again!

2nd Hint:
When The Doctor and Donna are talking to Lucias and Evelina in The Fires of Pompeii Lucias tells The Doctor that "She is returning."

3rd Hint:

In Planet of the Ood, Ood Sigma tells The Doctor that his "song must end soon". Immediately after we hear Rose's Doomsday theme. It turns out that this referred the his regeneration in The End of Time, but did it have a second meaning?

4th Hint:

When Donna was in the TARDIS during The Sontaran Stratagem Rose's face appeared on the console screen calling for The Doctor.

5th Hint:
The same clip from The Sontaran Stratagem is also seen in Captain Jack's Monster Files.

6th Hint:
In Forest of the Dead there is a picture of a blonde girl and a wolf on Charlotte (the girl's) wall. This is most likely a reference to Rose Tyler and Bad Wolf.

7th Hint:
During Midnight, Rose appeared on a screen. She did not speak aloud but it was obvious that she was shouting "Doctor!".

And then she returned. Rose returned for episode eleven of series four, Turn Left, and joined The Doctor to face Davros in The Stolen Earth and Journey's End. Rose Tyler then made an appearance in The End of Time Part Two. But is this the last we will see of Rose?


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