Doctor Who Adventures Issue 151 Released

Today, Thursday the fourth of February, has seen the official release of issue one hundred and fifty one of Doctor Who Adventures. The issue was released today around most of the United Kingdom and Ireland for the price of £2.10. If you subscribe to the magazine then the issue should have reached you by post today, if not before. The magazine comes with a free Time Beetle and this week takes an in-depth look at the Weeping Angels, who previously appeared in the series three episode Blink and will return for Doctor Who's fifth series. So make sure that you don't blink when reading this week's Doctor Who Adventures, or...

In the issue you can also find out all about the Flood from The Waters of Mars. Discover what they are and what they want inside the issue today! The issue also looks at The Master's top ten deeds and offers readers the chance to ask new Doctor Matt Smith a question. Not only that but the issue also includes an incredible K-9 photo story and comes with free pull-out posters of the Supreme Dalek, Donna Noble and Yvonne Hartman and the Daleks.

The latest issue is now available for £2.10 at your local stockist. The next issue of Doctor Who Adventures, issue one hundred and fifty two, will be released next Thursday, the twenty eighth of January. It will, as always, come with a free gift and contain three pull-out posters of your favourite characters and enemies.

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DWA #151
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