Journey's End

I have been thinking hard about this for a few weeks now and have finally come to a decision. As of today Doctor Who Mad Online is officially closed! Due to other commitments and important things coming up in my life, I feel as if running a website is becoming more of a chore than something I enjoy doing. I have had a great two years and would like to thank all of you for your constant support. As I write the site is well on it's way to 80,000 hits, which I am very proud of. If you are in need of a new Doctor Who news site then I highly recommend you visit The Oncoming Storm, The Gallifrey Vortex, Tardis Base, The Doctor Who Site and Whoviannet. Each site is updated daily with high quality posts and are run by very friendly people. Don't go thinking I have given up on Doctor Who though, because I haven't. I just feel that now is a good time to finish. So once again thank you to you all for your support and from myself and Doctor Who Mad Online, goodbye. This is our journey's end...

Remember, Doctor Who returns in the Spring!

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