Matt Smith - The Clumsiest Doctor Yet?

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine was released around the United Kingdom and Ireland last Thursday and contains the second part of an exclusive interview with Doctor Who's new head writer Steven Moffat. In his interview with the magazine Steven claims that Matt Smith is clumsy on set and that the actor, who will take over our Saturday nights in the Spring, has a habit of breaking things on set. "He knocks over coffees, falls over, breaks props!" In the interview Steven describes Matt as "a drunk giraffe" and claims that Karen Gillan, who will play companion Amy Pond, is no better than her other half, Matt.

Speaking to Doctor Who Magazine, Moffat said, "He knocks over coffees, falls over, breaks props! When he was first handed the brand new sonic screwdriver on the first day of filming, I turned to Piers [Piers Wenger, executive producer], and I said, 'I'm going to start a book on how long it takes him to break it.' And, as I was saying it, the prop man was walking past me with the sonic screwdriver in two bits! I thought, 'He's done it already!'. Straight away, he'd broken it!"

He went on to tell Doctor Who Magazine: "I described him recently as 'walking like a drunk giraffe,' which has caused him some concern. But he does! Actually, that's true of Karen [Gillan, companion Amy Pond] as well. It's hilarious when the two of them have to do shaky floor acting!"

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