Neil Gaiman Confirmed As Series Six Writer

It has been suggested for years that Neil Gaiman is waiting to write an episode of Doctor Who in the near future. Speaking at an SFX convention yesterday Neil confirmed that he has now been asked to write an episode of the show, stating that he will write an episode for the sixth series of the show in 2011. This is great news for Doctor Who fans as Neil is a hugely successful science fiction and fantasy writer. He has previously written a novel titled Coraline which many of you will have seen, as it was recently made into a film. His other works include Stardust (also adapted into a film) and a comic book series titled The Sandman.

"As anyone who’s read my blog knows, I’m a big fan of a certain long-running British SF TV series. One that I started watching - from behind the sofa - when I was three,” he told SFX. "And while I know it’s cruel to make you wait for things, in about fourteen months from now, which is to say, not in the upcoming season but early in the one after that, it’s quite possible that I might have written an episode. And if I had, it would originally have been called The House of Nothing. But it definitely isn’t called that any more."

Neil Gaiman will make his official Doctor Who writing debut on our screens next year. Not only does this post confirm that he will write for Doctor Who, but it also confirms that a sixth series of the show is already in planning. Will The Eleventh Doctor still be with us next year, or will he do a Ninth Doctor? Will Amy be in series six? Only time will tell.

It was confirmed a while back that the writers for series five are;
Steven Moffat (six episodes), Mark Gatiss (one episode), Toby Whithouse (one episode), Simon Nye (one episode), Chris Chibnall (two episodes), Richard Curtis (one episode) and Gareth Roberts (one episode). You can read more about the writers for series five here in a previous post. And remember, series five is just around the corner...
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