Official Ratings for The End of Time Part Two

BARB have recently released the official ratings for Doctor Who: The End of Time Part Two. The End of Time Part Two was shown on BBC One and BBC HD on New Years Day and saw The Doctor fight off the Time Lords and The Master, then regenerate into new Doctor Matt Smith. In the episode The Tenth Doctor was played by David Tennant, Wilfred Mott by Bernard Cribbins and The Master by John Simm. An incredible amount of people tuned in to watch David Tennant's last episode as The Doctor, but exactly how many of you kicked off your year with David Tennant's departing episode and the arrival of Matt Smith.

Unofficial overnight ratings for the episode suggested that the episode was watched by 10.4 million viewers with an additional 389,000 watching it on BBC HD. New official ratings now suggest that the episode was in fact watched by 11.79 million people, with a further 0.48 million watching on BBC HD. The End of Time Part One was watched by more people with 12.04 million watching on BBC One and 470,000 watching on BBC HD. This makes The End of Time Part Two the second most watched programme of New Years Day. When we add the HD viewers to this Doctor Who was in fact the most watched programme of the day.

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