Series Five Episode 1-3 Titles Confirmed

The four hundred and eighteenth issue of Doctor Who Magazine this month confirms the official titles for the first three episodes from the upcoming fifth series of Doctor Who. The magazine will be released around the United Kingdom and Ireland tomorrow for £5.20 and will take an in-depth look at the Daleks, with everything you need to know about them. For those of you who do not want to know the names of the episodes or wish to avoid spoilers I suggest that you do not read any further as some of the following information contains spoilers. For those of you however who do want to know the three titles continue reading.

Episode 1: The Eleventh Hour (written by Steven Moffat) - The episode will most likely see the TARDIS crash land on Earth as the new Doctor is introduced properly. The episode will also introduce his new companion Amy Pond.

Episode 2: The Beast Below (written by Steven Moffat) - Not much is known as of yet about this episode but it will most likely be Amy's first trip in the TARDIS. There are also talks of monks in this episode and a lot of time spent in the TARDIS.

Episode 3: Victory of the Daleks (written by Mark Gatiss) - Another Dalek title, another Dalek situation. This time they find themselves in World War II.

The fifth series of Doctor Who kicks off this Spring and will not only see The Doctor and Amy face the Daleks, but also vampires, Weeping Angels and there are even talks of Cyberman. More information about the first three episodes of the series will be included in tomorrow's issue of Doctor Who Magazine, which you will be reminded about here tomorrow.

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